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Agizah, Getry and Dundas, Aletia (2007). I Am the Change I Want to See in the World: Impact of and Vision for Alternatives to Violence Project Workshops in Western Kenya PeaceWays Kenya, African Great Lakes Initiative.

AVP [Alternatives to Violence Project] has been holding workshops in Kenya since 2003. Many participants have spoken glowingly about its impact in their personal lives and workplaces. The purpose of this evaluation is to find out if the project is achieving its goals, and how it might strengthen its impact throughout the country. The methodology for this evaluation was to elicit personal testimonies to discern the impact of AVP in Kenya. Some of our key questions focused on: What has changed in the personal lives of those who attended workshops? In what ways does AVP equip people to deal with violence and conflict in their workplaces? (in particular those working as pastors, prison officers and counselors) In what ways does AVP suit Kenyan culture? In what ways does it challenge cultural assumptions in a positive way? In what ways might it negatively effect Kenyan culture? This report provides a background for AVP, its implementing organizations in Kenya and the specific context in Kenya’s Western, Rift, and Nyanza Provinces. We outline the method used to gather information, highlight the findings, and make recommendations for AVP’s future in Kenya. (author's abstract)

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