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Commission of the European Communities (2002). Proposal for a Council Directive on compensation to crime victims. COM(2002)0562 final - CNS 2002/0247. 16 October. Official Journal 045 E , 25/02/2003: 69-89. Brussels: Commission of the European Communities. Downloaded 15 August 2005.

3.1. Overall objective The objective of this proposal is to ensure that all EU citizens and all legal residents in the EU can receive adequate compensation for the losses they have suffered in case they fall victim to a crime within the EU. The proposal will contribute to reaching the objective of the Union and of the Community to establish an area of freedom, security and justice for all, as well as the objective of ensuring free movement of persons within the EU. The proposal also forms part of the response of the EU to the events of 11 September 2001, by ensuring that victims of terrorism are ensured of adequate compensation regardless of where within the EU such acts may take place. The objective of the proposal is directly in line with what was outlined in the Green Paper and as supported by the reactions to it and with the conclusions of the Tampere European Council 1999. (excerpt)


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