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Porter, Abbey J (2005). Restorative Practices at Queanbeyan South, an Australian Primary School Restorative Practices e-Forum. April 19. Bethlehem, PA: International Institute of Restorative Practices. Downloaded 3 May 2005.

Restorative practices have proved a success at a primary school in Australia, where teachers have discovered that discipline works much better when the children themselves take part in the process. A few years ago, Queanbeyan South Public School, in New South Wales, just outside the Australian capital of Canberra, was struggling with persistent problems of bullying, violence and absenteeism among its pupils. Conventional punishments like detentions and suspensions didn't seem to help. "We were just chasing our tails," recalled teacher Elizabeth Harley, who said that disrespect for authority and low self-esteem were common among the students. (excerpt)


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