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Criminal Justice System (England) ‘Compensation & Support for Victims of Crime’: Summary of Responses to a Home Office Consultation Paper London: Criminal Justice System. Downloaded 22 April 2005.

The consultation document and partial regulatory impact assessment was sent to over 150 interested organisations, key stake-holders, and individuals. These included representatives of victims’ groups, the police, transport sector, alcohol industry, and other government departments. The consultation document was also made available on the Home Office website. During the consultation period we held seminars for voluntary organisations, and met with representatives of the police, retail sector, motorists groups, as well as with members of other government departments. A total of 106 replies were received during the 12 week period of consultation, and 1,781 users opened the consultation paper from the Home Office website during the same period. The breakdown of respondents by category can be seen in Table 2. All respondents were asked if they were content for their views to be made public, and a full set of these responses is available from the contact point listed below in section 1.7. We are grateful for all the responses received. This paper tries to reflect the views offered, but inevitably, it is not possible to describe all the responses in detail. (excerpt)


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