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Bazemore, Gordon and Karp, David R (2002). Community Justice Sanctioning Models: Assessing Program Integrity In, John G. Perry, ed. Repairing Communities Through Restorative Justice. Lanham, MD : American Correctional Association. Pp. 185-212. Downloaded 31 March 2005.

"Community justice is taking hold throughout North America and the world. This movement is broadly inclusive of community-based crime prevention programs and community partnerships with various criminal justice agencies including policing, adjudication, and corrections. This chapter examines community justice approaches to sanctioning offenders. Viewed as a whole, the movement toward community justice sanctioning encompasses a wide array of processes, goals, and practical and philosophical rationales. The enthusiasm associated with community involvement in sanctioning as a new response to crime appears to be a result of both crisis and opportunity in the justice system." (excerpt)


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