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Moore, David B and McDonald, John M (2002). Community Conferencing as Conflict Transformation In, John G. Perry, ed. Repairing Communities Through Restorative Justice. Lanham, MD : American Correctional Association. Pp. 107-122.

"This essay is a contribution toward the theory and practice of transformative justice and conflict transformation. It is based on the authors' experience as principals of Transformative Justice Australia. In this capacity, they have applied a theory of conflict transformation in the state and national justice systems of several countries, in a wide range of workplaces, and in other communities bound by faith, geography, or some common not-for-profit goal. As Transformative Justice Australia sees it, conferencing remains the major reactive intervention based on a theory of transformative justice and conflict transformation. This chapter focuses on applications of conferencing in justice systems where the process is used as an alternative or as an adjunct to the use of court and corrections." (excerpt)

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