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Training and Accreditation Policy Group (2004). Best Practice Guidance for Restorative Practitioners and their Case Supervisors and Line Managers And, Conclusions and Recommendations of the Training and Accreditation Policy Group. London, U.K.: Home Office and Criminal Justice System. Downloaded 27 January 2005.

The Training and Accreditation Policy Group was set up to advise the United Kingdom government on best practice, training, and accreditation for restorative justice. This document represents the final report of the Group. Based on the Group’s work over a period of time, including the production of an interim report earlier in 2004, this paper sets forth conclusions and recommendations for best practices for restorative justice practitioners. The conclusions and recommendations cover the rationale for training and accreditation, standards for practice, and means for assessing and certifying practitioners. The document also contains an updated suite of tools for guidance for restorative practitioners, their case supervisors, and line managers. It should be noted that the notion of restorative practice in the document refers to work which involves bringing victims/persons harmed, offenders/perpetrators, and others into dialogue with each other to resolve the harm. Hence, the approach and pertinent skills discussed in these pages are focused on victim-offender work.


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