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Goold, Benjamin (2003). Restorative Cautioning, Theories of Reintegration, and the Influence of Japanese Notions of Shame Hosei Riron (The Journal of Law and Politics, Japan). 36(2), December. Downloaded 25 February 2005.

Certainly one of the most significant developments in the treatment of young offenders in Britain over the past decade has been the move away from punitive forms of cautioning towards a new type of informal disposal known as "restorative cautioning". Although there is now a considerable body of academic and professional literature that examines the theory and practice of restorative cautioning, recently little has been written about the intellectual and cultural origins of this new approach to punishment and dispute resolution. This article explains some of the central notions of restorative justice, drawing particular attention to the influence of Japanese notions of shame and community on cautioning practices in Britain and elsewhere. (excerpt)


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