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Hanneman, Evelyn U (1999). An Interview with Dennis Maloney, Director of the Department of Community Justice in Deschutes County, OR Kaleidoscope of Justice: Highlighting Restorative Juvenile Justice. 1(1): 3. Fort Lauderdale, FL: Balanced and Restorative Justice Project, Florida Atlantic University. Downloaded 21 January 2005.

In this article, Evelyn Hanneman reports on her interview with Dennis Maloney, Director of the Deschutes County, Oregon, Department of Community Justice. In the mid 1990s Deschutes County began a transition from a retributive justice system to a restorative justice system. This included changing the name of the Deschutes County Juvenile Department to the Department of Community Justice. As Maloney notes, 'community justice' is more inclusive than 'community corrections.' Community corrections involves the community but remains offender focused. Community justice also involves the community but goes further to elevate the position of the victim and focus on prevention. In the interview, Hanneman highlights Maloney's background in restorative justice, a variety of positive outcomes from restorative justice in Deschutes County, and challenges to this approach to crime.


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