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Law Commission of Canada (1998). Minister’s Reference on Institutional Child Abuse: Discussion Paper. Ottawa: Law Commission of Canada. Downloaded 13 January 2005.

Established in 1997 by Act of Parliament in Canada, the Law Commission of Canada is an independent federal law reform agency. The Commission provides advice to Parliament on reforming and modernizing Canada’s laws. In recent years the issue of child abuse has gained considerable public attention. This includes child abuse in institutions where children were placed for their education, welfare, rehabilitation, or even protection. In late 1997 the federal Minister of Justice asked the Law Commission of Canada to examine the matter of abuse in institutions. Specifically, the Commission examined processes for addressing the harms caused by abuse of children in government-run, government-funded, or government sponsored institutions. The Commission’s report identifies the needs of survivors of institutional child abuse, approaches to redress the harms, and ways to begin to provide redress for survivors.

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