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Sawatsky, Jarem. (2000). A JustPeace Ethic- dancing our way back to humanity: Finding the creative space where conflict transformation and restorative justice meet together. Harrisonburg, VA: Eastern Mennonite University.

In this paper, Sawatsky investigates the relationships between restorative justice and conflict transformation, with particular reference to their values and guiding principles. Finding significant commonality between them, he contrasts the values and principles of restorative justice and conflict transformation with modern enlightenment philosophy. His purpose is to weave those values and principles into a 'JustPeace Ethic.' In the first part of the paper, he focuses on basic tenets of enlightenment philosophy in relation to restorative justice and conflict transformation. In the second part he seeks to develop the guiding principles of a 'JustPeace Ethic' with an emphasis on shalom.


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