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Rutledge, Njeri Mathis (2011). Looking a gift horse in the mouth -- The underutilization of crime victim compensation funds by domestic violence victims. Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy. 19:223-273.

This article seeks to identify and explore the underlying theories behind CVC funds and the barriers preventing domestic violence victims from utilizing them.18 The primary goal of CVC funds should be to assist crime victims. Refocusing on this goal of assisting victims would ultimately benefit victims of domestic violence as well. First, the need for CVC funds by domestic violence victims is great because, oftentimes, other resources are inadequate. In the face of such substantial need, the goal of CVC funds must be victim assistance. Second, eligibility requirements that do not advance the primary goal of victim assistance should be dismantled. Specifically, requirements that a victim cooperate with law enforcement and not have a criminal record or "negative social history" can be problematic in domestic violence cases. Finally, victim assistance should be the primary goal because it fulfills the moral obligation society has towards all crime victims.(excerpt)

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