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Metze, Patrick S. (2013). Feed me Seymour: The never-ending hunger of the criminal process for procedural rights and removing children from its shop of horrors. Texas Tech Law Review. 46:187-279.

In preparation for participation in Professor Arnold Loewy's Texas Tech University School of Law Annual Criminal Law Symposium, I was tasked with a specific query: Do (should) juveniles have more, less, the same, or different procedural rights than are accorded to adults? This Article briefly addresses the procedural rights of adults-delineating, contrasting, and comparing them to the rights of children within the modern juvenile justice process, primarily within the State of Texas. This histology of juvenile rights highlights the fundamental ongoing criminalization of our children. We must dissect the way we treat children accused of a violation of the criminal law at the very organic or cellular level. It is time to ignore the lies of the correctional monster we have created-a monster that must be continually fed with the lives of our young. (exdcerpt)

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