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Wolman, ANdrew (2013). Looking back while moving forward: The evolution of Truth Commissions in Korea. Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal. 14(3):27-56.

It is the objective of this article to begin to fill this gap in the literature by outlining in more detail the ongoing development of truth commissions in Korea. This article will first review the development of truth commissions in Korea over time, starting with their pre-modern historical antecedents. This will lead into a discussion on the proliferation of issue-specific truth commissions starting in 1996, the work of the TRCK, and the role of truth commissions in Korea's highly polarized political landscape. By highlighting the long history of truth finding in Korea, this article will contribute to a growing literature that examines the disparate geographical and historical origins of truth commissions and other transitional justice mechanisms. '7The article will then discuss some of the particularities of Korean truth commissions before concluding with some thoughts on the future evolution of truth commissions in Korea. (excerpt)

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