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Clamp, Kerry Leigh and Paterson, Craig (2013). An exploration of the role of leadership in restorative policing in England and Wales. in Anthony H. Normore, Nancy Erbe (ed.) Collective Efficacy (Advances in Educational Administration, Volume 20), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.293-307.

This chapter explores the role of leadership in restorative policing in England and Wales and the impact of the external criminal justice policy environment on attempts to embed restorative approaches into police practice. It is clear that certain aspects of restorative justice chime with long-standing values in police culture, not least the emphasis on common-sense decision-making and the removal of unnecessary bureaucracy advocated by a focus on informal resolution. Yet, we argue that restorative policing cannot work where these ideas are placed solely in individual programmes. Instead, a clear vision needs to be articulated by police leaders with subsequent programmes being built around this overarching philosophy of ‘restorative policing’ that encourages leadership to ‘bubble up’ from below. (author's abstract)

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