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Leeds victim’s chat with masked burglar

From the article on the Yorkshire Evening Post:

A woman who came face-to-face with a masked burglar in her kitchen has told how she invited him to sit down for a chat.

Viv Hulland calmly asked the intruder, who was wearing a balaclava, to take a seat after he broke into her Leeds home in the middle of the night – just hours before she was due to attend her mother’s funeral.

The teenager woke Ms Hulland and her husband, Keith, as he forced his way into their house in Chapel Allerton.

Ms Hulland, 54, called the police from their bedroom but the couple then bumped into the culprit as they went to let officers in.

Nov 29, 2013 , , ,

Brick attack boys come face-to-face with victim

from the article in Worcester News:

Boys who threw bricks at passing cars in Worcester have met face-to-face with the lorry driver they almost killed.

The “remorseful” primary school children, one aged 11, the other 12, met with the driver accompanied by their parents following the potentially deadly brick attack on the A4440 Crookbarrow Way in Worcester.

Nov 28, 2013 , , ,

Teenage Wigan victim of gang attack finds peace after meeting attackers in Restorative justice scheme

from the article on mancunianmatters:

A teenager from Wigan who was attacked and left with a catalogue of injuries in May has found closure after meeting with her attackers.

Brave 14-year-old Amy Clarke, from Aspull, went with her mother to meet the group after police referred their case to Wigan Council’s restorative solutions team.

Amy was attacked when walking along with her friend earlier this year.

Nov 27, 2013 , , ,

Inmates pack more than 15,000 meals for hungry kids

from the article on the StarTribune:

When sign-up sheets went up recently at Stillwater prison for inmates to pack meals for hungry kids, the 50 volunteer slots were filled within five minutes. So officials increased the number of inmate volunteers allowed.

On Saturday, 131 of them assembled meal packets for an event led by the prison’s Restorative Justice Offender Council and Trinity Lutheran Church in Bayport.

Nov 26, 2013 , , ,

Actions and consequences: How restorative justice can help victims move on

from the article by Javed Khan:

If you were a victim of crime, would you want to meet the offender?

What would you say to them?

A burglary victim might, for example, want to talk about the inconvenience, the hassle of sorting out the mess and replacing what has been stolen.

They could spell out that some things - just objects to an outsider - are completely irreplaceable, and how sentimental value outweighs any financial cost.

But we all know that actions have unintended consequences, and burglary isn't just about what's been taken, it's about what's been left behind too.

Nov 25, 2013 , , , , ,

Three Ways Capoeira Upped My Organizing Game

from the blog article by Jeremy Lahoud: 

Every organizer knows that awful moment, that slow stomach-churning realization that your campaign is about to hit a dead end.

I had that moment recently in the work I was doing with a coalition of local youth organizations fighting for Restorative Justice in public schools.  Unlike harsh and ineffective “zero tolerance” policies, Restorative Justice programs create a way for those who have committed harm to dialogue with those who have been harmed, to understand what happened, agree on a remedy, and build relationships that reduce the possibility of future harm.  Deep in our bones we wanted Restorative Justice and an end to the disciplinary policies that push out large numbers of African American, Latino, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander students every year.

Nov 22, 2013 ,

Restorative justice conferencing (RJC) using face-to-face meetings of offenders and victims: Effects on offender recidivism and victim satisfaction. A systematic review.

from the report by Heather Strang, et. al.:

This systematic review examines the effects of the subset of restorative justice programs that has been tested most extensively: a face-to-face Restorative Justice Conference (RJC) “that brings together offenders, their victims, and their respective kin and communities, in order to decide what the offender should do to repair the harm that a crime has caused” (Sherman and Strang, 2012: 216). The Review investigates the effects of RJCs on offenders’ subsequent convictions (or in one case arrests) for crime, and on several measures of victim impact. The review considers only randomized controlled trials in which victim and offenders consented to meet prior to random assignment, the analysis of which was based on the results of an “intention-to-treat” analysis. A total of ten experiments with recidivism outcomes were found that met the eligibility criteria, all of which also had at least one victim impact measure.

Nov 21, 2013 , ,

The burglar who paid back

From the Restorative Justice Week 2013 materials from UK Ministry of Justice:

Jason Reed was sentenced to five years in prison after admitting to more than 50 unsolved burglaries. Shortly after, he expressed his wish to start afresh and make amends. He was asked if he would like to take part in Restorative Justice.

Nov 20, 2013 , ,

A missing piece in the fight against bullying

from the article by Kevin Golembiewski on Bridge 50:

Although it has received significant media coverage over the past few years and nearly every state has passed anti-bullying legislation, bullying remains a pervasive problem in schools across the nation. Nearly one-third of U.S. students aged 12 to 18 are bullied each year, and stories of bullying victims committing suicide are becoming more and more common. 

Nov 19, 2013 ,

Young offenders raise money for victims through Knowle allotment

from the article in the Bristol Post:

Young offenders in Bristol have been giving back to the community by raising funds for the Victim Support charity through selling home grown produce.

Nov 18, 2013 , ,

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