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Victim's voice -- Restorative justice helps victims

In this video, created b the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire in the UK, Rita Watson describes having someone break into her garden shed to steal several items and destroying the garden in the process. 

Oct 31, 2013 , ,

Huge drop in restraint attributed to restorative justice

from the article by Neil Puffett in Children & Young People Now:

A secure children’s home in Devon has been recognised for its successful use of restorative justice after restraint incidents fell by nearly 90 per cent.

Oct 30, 2013 , , , ,

Real-life stories: Property damage

Central Virginia Restorative Justice provides the following vignette of restorative conference in a property damage case as one way of explaining restorative justice. 

A young teenager sits at a round table in our office alongside his mother, his little brother, and Restorative Justice staff members. The room is quiet as he stares intently into the light grey surface of the table, searching for an explanation for why he and some friends had spent an evening throwing large rocks at cars from a hiding spot beside a busy road. This young man isn’t deliberating over his words because he hopes to charm the staff with the answer he thinks they want to hear, and he certainly isn’t putting such energy into a bored shrug and an “I dunno.”

Oct 29, 2013 , ,

Newhaven crime victim receives apology from offender

from the article on Sussex Express: 

A Newhaven cyclist who smashed a car window after he felt a driver had cut him up, met his victim to apologise for his crime.

The 46-year-old cyclist was arrested in January after a police investigation into an incident in Avis Road, in which a driver was abused by a cyclist and had his car window smashed.

Oct 28, 2013 , , ,

Archdiocese walks with violence victims’ families through ‘ministry of presence’

from the article by Edison Tapalla:

In October 2012, the Office of Public Policy and Social Concerns for the Archdiocese of San Francisco began the Restorative Justice Ministry for Victims and Families of Violent Crime. 

Working closely with the city of San Francisco, the ministry helps the families of victims of violent crime navigate the period of time when a loved one is lost. In addition to helping with survivors’ loss and grief, the ministry also helps with funeral arrangements, translations, paperwork and – in cases of extreme need – expenses.

Oct 25, 2013 ,

People are not programs

from the blog article by Hal Pepinsky:

...From victim-offender mediation trainings and practice, I learned that regardless of formal structure and training, people will apply their underlying habits and perspective as mediators to doing “restorative justice.”  Many advocates and practitioners of this model of responding to conflict in practice share my observation that in practice, many mediators concentrate on following the detailed letter of what to say and do, as they have been instructed to do, and in so doing, acts more like judges or arbitrators who interpret and implicitly tell parties what is what, what they need to do, and have a fixed notion going into mediation as to terms of an appropriate agreement.  One prime example is requiring “offenders” explicitly to apologize to “victims.”  Another example, one that has even formally been introduced into some theories and practices of “restoration,” is the belief that “offenders” must be “shamed” into overt remorse for their actions, and that a good agreement requires that “offenders” somehow “right the wrongs” they have done, both for their sakes, and for the sake of “repairing the harm” to meet “victims’” needs. 

Oct 24, 2013 , ,

What I’ve learned as a Neighborhood Court facilitator

From the article by Judith MacBrine on The Davis Enterprise:

On June 6, I facilitated my first Neighborhood Court session. I am one of seven trained facilitators. I was drawn to Neighborhood Court because it uses restorative justice principles to resolve crimes — i.e., identify and repair the harms — as compared to our current punitive justice — i.e., identify the broken law and punish the offender.

With all of the problems associated with the criminal justice system — cost, overcrowding, lag time, recidivism, discrimination — I am thrilled to help find another way to justice. I didn’t expect, however, to be personally impacted by the process.

Oct 23, 2013 ,

Oakland activist helps troubled young men heal from trauma

From the article by Matt O'Brien on Contra Costa Times:

It might seem strange, to those with a dim view of them, to witness young men with gang affiliations and juvenile records gathered in a ceremonial circle and disclosing their deepest regrets. But for George Galvis, this is the way people are supposed to resolve their problems. Everyone, he said, wants their voices heard.

Oct 22, 2013 , , ,

The other F word

from the article by Leslie Neale on Huff Post Crime:

No, not that F word! I'm talking about forgiveness -- letting go, turning the other cheek. That thing our predominantly Judeo/Christian society teaches us to do but rarely means for us to practice, especially when we or our loved ones have been wrongfully and violently harmed or even worse.

When someone is gravely hurt, we cheer revenge not redemption. We don't understand if someone chooses to forgive the unforgiveable and often judge them as sick or insane. We believe punishment is the only answer for those who commit such horrific acts. Good riddance if they are locked away forever or even put to death.

Oct 21, 2013 ,

Childs Hill School in Cricklewood handed restorative justice award

from the by Anna Slater:

A school has won an award for the unique way it deals with conflicts between children.

Childs Hill, in Dersingham Road, Cricklewood, is one of the first organisations in the country to be handed the Restorative Justice Council’s restorative quality service mark.

Oct 18, 2013 , ,

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