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Cameroon: Rights promoters advocate restorative justice

from the article on

Experts on October 5 worked on the framework for effective restorative justice in Cameroon. "Restorative justice is a process where all stakeholders affected by a crime-that is, the offender, the victim, and their community are given the opportunity to discuss how they have been affected and to decide what should be done to repair the harm caused," the Chairman of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms, Dr Divine Chemuta Banda said in Yaounde on October 5, 2012 while opening the one-day seminar on restorative justice in Cameroon. He added that it comes to complement the traditional justice system.

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Ford appointed to Genesee Justice coordinator post

from the article in The Daily News:

Shannon L. Ford has been appointed to fill the position of Genesee Justice program coordinator, the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office said Friday.

The position was created after a vacancy was left by the resignation of the assistant director.

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Community justice: The power of the panel

from the article by Emma Kasprzak for BBC News:

"I could feel the tension and hatred when they came into the room - but three quarters of an hour later there were buckets of tears."

John Gallagher describes a neighbour dispute which had run for seven years and descended into an anti-social behaviour case.

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Investigating the implementation of restorative justice practices through circle time

from the article at Student Wellbeing Action Partnership;

This project was undertaken at a Catholic single sex school. The school has a strong emphasis on student wellbeing and is continually looking at ways to improve the various programs offered and strategies employed at the whole school through a preventative approach to student management. Using restorative justice as opposed to retributive justice has grown significantly in schools recently. The values that underpin restorative justice complement very well the underlying values of our school. 

The choice to focus on circle time was based on a personal interest fostered by research and something that was achievable within the context of the project. In my current leadership position I am also responsible for reviewing, developing and implementing student wellbeing policies so I found myself in the ideal position to develop and deliver a worthwhile project. 

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Victims of Crime Reform Bill to increase RJ referrals

from the article by John Delaney on Restorative Justice Trust:

The Victims of Crime Reform Bill will soon return for its second reading in the House. The Bill introduces a package of measures that are aimed at strengthening existing legislation to better provide for the needs of victims of crime. 

Of significance for restorative justice providers is the proposal to increase the number of cases referred to restorative justice. This is in recognition of the domestic and international research showing extremely high levels of satisfaction amongst victims who go through the RJ process. 

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Legislation introducing restorative justice for victims of adult offenders in England and Wales announced

from Lizzie Nelson:

New legislation for restorative justice with adult offenders and their victims will be introduced through an amendment to the Crime and Courts Bill.

The new clauses will allow the Courts to defer at the pre-sentence stage in order for the victim and offender to be offered restorative justice at the earliest opportunity. This comes as part of the Government’s response to the Punishment and Reform; effective community sentences consultation, published today.

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D.C. sniper speaks 10 years after violence: Can restorative justice apply here?

from the article by Lisa Rea on Restorative Justice International:

It’s been 10 years since the D.C.  sniper took 10 lives and wounded three. The following are two stories (including one audio tape) from Josh White of the Washington Post (September 29, 2012) interviewing Lee Boyd Malvo, the young killer who voluntarily did the bidding of John Allen Muhammad. Malvo and Muhammad went on a killing spree that lasted 23 days in October 2002 terrorizing the victims and their families and all who lived in the D.C. region. As we provide a link to these stories we think of the victims and the victims’ families. We also consider the words of Lee Boyd Malvo who tells his victims “to forget him.”  Can restorative justice be applied here? Could the victims or their families choose restorative justice now in this case?

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Restorative justice in Islam: Should qisas be considered a form of restorative justice?

abstract of the article by Susan C. Hascall published in the Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern & Islamic Law:

The restorative justice movement challenges conventional approaches to sentencing and punishment by involving the victim, community, and perpetrator in sentencing. The movement is characterized by an emphasis on the restoration of relationships, healing and rehabilitation. 

Oct 22, 2012 , ,

Can’t we just talk this over peacefully?

from the article by Anjana Ahuja in The Telegraph:

When one of the Enga commits murder, he must answer to tribal law. Given that this is Papua New Guinea, and that the Enga set great store by the maxim “Do unto others as they do to you”, you might expect that law to involve swift and lethal retribution.

Yet for the past seven years, an experiment has been taking place here that could change that perception. Instead of summary justice, there has been an airing of grievances, a public show of remorse – and the lavish consignment of live pigs to the victim’s family.

Oct 19, 2012 , , ,

Victims of antisocial behaviour to decide on punishment

from the article by Alan Travis and Toby Helm in the Guardian:

Victims of antisocial behaviour are to decide how offenders are punished under a "community remedy" power to be detailed by Theresa May in a speech at the Conservative party conference.

The home secretary will say on Tuesday that she wants to change the law to empower victims to ensure they get some form of reparation by choosing from a "menu" of punishment options that would include a form of restorative justice.

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