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The United States Peace Index

from the website of the Institute for Economics & Peace:

The United States Peace Index (USPI) is the first national peace index and is the only statistical analysis that offers a comprehensive nation-wide measurement of crime and its costs to all 50 states.

The index uses five key indicators to measure peace: the number of homicides, the number of violent crimes, the incarceration rate, the number of police officers and the availability of small arms.

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Sweeping to say 'I'm sorry'

from the article in the North Devon Journal:

....Dylan, who works as a butcher at Turton's in the High Street, said: "We were bored so we went and stood on the boat and pretended to be fishermen for a laugh.

"I don't know why we cut the ropes but we soon started floating out into the harbour so we jumped off and walked away.

"At the time it didn't occur to me how dangerous it was and what the implications could have been.

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Henry's story: Facing the music

from the article on Restorative Justice Council's website:

As I waited for Rachel to arrive I was absolutely terrified. I knew what would happen but it was terrifying doing it – actually facing her. She was the one I stole from. It went right to my guts. I knew then that this just wasn’t me – I had to change. I think back on that day and it gives me the attitude that I need to never go back to how I was before.

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East Lancs probation officer shortlisted for national award

from the article in the Lancashire Telegraph:

A probation officer who helped the father of a peacemaker killed with a single punch meet his killer has been shortlisted for a national award.

Geraldine Martin was a finalist in the national Probation Award’s Victim Services category for her work with the family of Padiham Ladies' football coach, Adam Rogers from Blackburn.

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Bullying not just a school issue

from the article by Joyanna Weber in the Cleveland Daily Banner:

For first time offenders, the juvenile court can try to mediate a resolution without the issue going to a courtroom. This is accomplished through mediation, informal adjustments and restorative justice. 

Restorative justice gets the victim and the accused and their parents in a room to discuss the issue before it can make its way to court.

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Ted Wachtel on Nils Christie's plenary at European Forum

from Restorative Practices Blog:

Today I attended the first day of the European Forum for Restorative Justice Conference that’s being held in Helsinki, Finland. It was nice to hear Nils Christie give a plenary speech. Nils Christie is now an 84-year-old emeritus professor from Norway whose famous article, “Conflict As Property,” defined the whole idea that governments and courts and lawyers steal our conflicts, and that we should have a right and an opportunity to resolve our own conflicts.

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School's disciplinary message: We want you here

from Anne Stuhldreher's article in the San Francisco Chronicle:

The head of security at Richmond High School is Darryl Robinson. But everyone there knows him as "Coach D." When he started 15 years ago, fights broke out nonstop. Students roamed the halls. And things didn't improve much over the years.

Robinson remembers standing in front of a classroom and asking how many students had ever seen someone get killed.

"Every hand in the room shot up," he said.

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Restorative justice backed by over 95% of crime victims

from the article in the Derby Telepgraph:

More than nine out of ten crime victims who saw offenders punished by restorative justice have been left satisfied by the outcome, say police.

A survey by Derbyshire Constabulary, showed 94.8% of those questioned were either fairly or very satisfied with the experience, a figure the force described as “phenomenally high” and an increase on last year’s 90.8%.

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Rwanda: Kagame commends Gacaca courts

from the article by Jean-Christophe Nsanzimana on

The 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis and its aftermath, said president Kagame, presented us with challenges that tested us all to limit. Among these challenges was redress for victims, perpetrators' accountability for their crimes and restoring harmony among Rwandans.

While Rwanda could have chosen the path of vengeance, or of general amnesty, Kagame said the people had chosen the hard but best way of justice and reconciliation. That is a victory to celebrate, he said on Monday during the official closing of the participative justice of Gacaca courts which started in June 2002.

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Restorative justice: A biblical view of justice

from the entry by TM Moore at

We are obligated to live justly toward our neighbors, and, in part, that requires that we take appropriate preventive steps to guard his wellbeing and property.

The statute cited in our text above reflects the third facet of the Biblical teaching on justice, which we may refer to as restorative justice. According to the Law of God, when injustice has occurred, whoever is responsible for it must take steps to set things right again.

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