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Criminal, victim meetings 'don't stop recidivism'

from the article by Eleanor Bell on 702 ABC Sydney:

....The New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics has analysed a program that brings young offenders face-to-face with victims of crime.

It says it makes no difference to the rate at which they go on to commit more crimes.

Mar 30, 2012 , , ,

Restorative justice focuses on the victim

from the column by Linda Gryczan in the Independent Record:

....There is a growing number of restorative justice programs in Montana for adults and juveniles across reservations and other jurisdictions in Montana, including community youth justice, victim-offender dialogue and victim impact panels.

In Lewis and Clark and Broadwater counties, certain first time offenders up to age 17, are offered an opportunity to instead of going before a judge, meet with the victim of their crime, his or her parents, community members and a trained facilitator. Victims are encouraged to describe the impact of the crime, offenders are held accountable, and the group decides how the offender will make amends.

Mar 29, 2012 , , ,

Restoring a sense of justice in broken communities

from Stephen Moffatt's entry on Open Democracy's 50.50:

Last summer major cities in the UK saw serious urban unrest for the first time in a generation. The underlying causes, reasons for the rapid escalation and reaction of public services to the unrest have been the subject of several studies, notably Reading the Riots and the Independent Riots Communities and Victims Panel, whose work continues.

The evidence that emerged has already established a clear link between deprivation and rioting, a fact acknowledged by the Independent Riots Panel in their interim report.

Mar 28, 2012 , , , ,

Utah’s mental health court addresses repeat offender problems

from Jason Nowa's article on Voices of Utah:

Sim Gill believes that jail is for people who have murdered, raped, or who harm children and not a place for the mentally ill. He is currently in the process of trying to accomplish this.

Gill, who is the Salt Lake County District Attorney, recently spoke to small group of University of Utah students on about his job and the passions that drive him. Gill spoke about various processes,  from how he deals with the death penalty, drug abuse and to the mentally ill committing crimes. The United States jails more people than any other country in the world, he said. Gill estimated around 2.2 million people in the United States are currently incarcerated.

Mar 27, 2012 , , ,

Afghan women trapped in tribal court system

from the article by Jean MacKenzi in Huffington Post:

....Sakina’s imprisonment stems from her attempts to evade a uniquely medieval form of restitution practiced in tribal courts and known as ba’ad. It is Afghanistan’s version of restorative justice in which women and girls are bartered from one family to another as a way to settle a dispute.

Mar 26, 2012 , , ,

The Howard League as victim of crime

from the entry by Frances Crook (CEO of the Howard League) on her blog:

The Howard League is a victim of crime. Our credit card was used to pay for stuff for someone who clearly had got hold of the details fraudulently. We think what happened was that when we had a supplier in to do some work on the building (I am not being too specific here for obvious reasons, but telling the story as a warning to others) they phoned through the details to an associate. The details were used several times and we would have picked it up at the end of the month, but the fraudster got over-confident and used it for a sum of over £1,000 and the bank noticed and put a stop to it. We are going to be reimbursed so the charity will not be out of pocket.

Mar 23, 2012 , , , ,

Chicago Public School students face racial discipline gap: Education Department

from the entry by Joy Resmovits on

In Chicago public schools, black students receive harsher punishments for in-school infractions than white students, a fact that mirrors a nationwide trend, according to data released by the U.S. Department of Education Tuesday. The report paints a startling picture of racial disparities in how students are disciplined in schools across the country.

Mar 22, 2012 , , ,

Kidderminster magistrate concerned about cases dealt with outside court

from the article by William Tomaney in The Shuttle:

In the area covered by West Merica Police - Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin - 3,594 community resolutions were handed out in 2010/11, compared to 2,167 in 2009/10.

Chairman of the bench at Kidderminster Magistrates Court, Jill Gramann, said magistrates thought the figure was too high.

Mar 21, 2012 , , , , ,

Campaign on way to counter cyberbullies

from Anthony Loncaric's article in Brimbank Weekly:

Parents living in the north-west are calling for more support to deal with cyberbullying as the state government prepares a new advertising campaign to encourage young people to speak up.

Education Minister Martin Dixon said the campaign would be similar to the hard-hitting advertisements aimed at reducing the road toll.

Mar 20, 2012 , , ,

A Separation

from Judy Bello's entry on Fellowship of Reconciliation:

I just saw Asghar Farhadi’s A Separation last night.  I’m not going to send formal reviews (do I ever?)  but I just want to share my feeling that it is a really great film.

....One aspect of the film surprised me because it wasn’t the aspect of the film that was publicized.   Farhadi’s depiction of the Iranian justice system as chaotic, overwhelmed, but intensely immediate and direct, is quite powerful as a ground for other aspects of the drama.... One might say that the film gives an insight into what might be right about the Iranian system in comparison with our own.

Mar 19, 2012 , ,

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