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The challenges of teaching in the third millennium

Jan 28, 2013

from the letter by Sheilagh Knight to

….Thank you for your editorial “Holding Your Breath Won’t Win You Points,” which highlights teachers’ leadership role in the community and the enjoyment they can derive from leading extra-curricular activities. 

….Teaching in the Third Millennium is a multi-layered, multi-faceted job. Not easy at all, because you are working with so many unique people and you can’t rely on routine when working with inquisitive youth. Below, I’ve made a list of what’s difficult about a teachers’ job nowadays – not to complain about the work I love, but rather, to showcase what we do.

….5.   Anger Managers:  Most student anger is manifested in the hallway/school yard or in cyberspace.  A teacher’s presence in the hallway means being pro-active in reducing “incidents”. Students who write their own plays about anger and cyber-bullying are empowered to solve these social problems.  Ontario teachers now use British-inspired “restorative justice” techniques and circles in which the bully, the bullied, and others (e.g. fellow classmates, family) meet to discuss what went on and figure out how to “make it right”. In addition to restorative justice, I also point out to students that it is “better to think beforehand” than have to “make it right” afterwards.

Read the whole letter.

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