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Sexual Violence Research Initiative: Restorative justice

Aug 22, 2014

from the website:

Across the world, only a tiny proportion of survivors/victims of sexual violence ever see their rapist punished. There is increasing awareness that the requirements of legal proceedings are often in conflict with the needs of sexual violence survivors/victims. 

Experiences of the adversarial court processes post-sexual violence are often traumatic, requiring the survivor/victim to confront their assailant, to defend their case and re-live the experience. 

Restorative justice aims to repair harm done to a survivor/victim of sexual violence, (and where appropriate to their families/communities) through offender acceptance of responsibility, reparations and rehabilitation, whether as a supplementary process, or an alternative, to conventional court proceedings. 

This section of the site provides you with resources and publications related to restorative justice and sexual violence. 

Take a look at their resources.

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