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School-based Restorative Justice Circles: Handouts and example demonstration

Dec 05, 2011

from Kris Miner's entry on Restorative Justice and Circles:

In a school gym, we placed the Circle Center items in the basketball center court. Four student volunteers each had a direction, and at each direction 3 months of the year were designated and students divided themselves based on date of birth. This was a technique to mix them up and to have them take responsibility for creating the shape and form of the Circle. The students were in clustered groups in the four directions. I explained that each volunteer would read a value, and bring a talking piece for the Center. Each group would come to the Center and be seated, making room for the others, making a round shape. I explained that the Center was like a fire, and we would all need to be equally warmed by it. This was to have the students take responsibility for the shape, it was an empowering action, so I could promote them being invested in working together.

I had 4 students that volunteered to do a brief reading on each of the 4 values. That handout is 4 Circle Values. Once we were seated minimal adjustment was needed.

We used a powerful opening, Restorative Justice Circle in Schools (2nd page). The first page features information about using Restorative Justice Circles in Schools.

I spent time slowly and carefully explaining Restorative Justice and the creation of a strong Restorative Justice Circle. I had the students re-read the elements of being in Circle (4 values).

I demonstrated connectedness using an energy ball.  

Read the whole entry.

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