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Restorative justice & violence against women

Feb 18, 2013

from the entry by Deb Monkman on the BCSTH Library blog:

One of our BCSTH members asked me to do some research on restorative justice and its role in cases of violence against women. Here is a summary of my research process.

1. Books - Search the BCSTH Library Catalogue

We have 4 hard copy books in the library that BCSTH members may borrow, both general and specific to violence against women. One of them is Restorative Justice for Domestic Violence Victims: An Integrated Approach to their Hunger for Healing, 2010. 

….2. Web reports & web sites - Search the BCSTH Library Catalogue

Our catalogue if not just for books; we also select the best web resources that present a balanced view of the topic so that you can look in one place to get started on your research. There may be historical information about how restorative justice started in BC, examples of how it is being done in BC, academic theses from local universities, position papers from non-profits, as well as reports from other provincial and national bodies. 

….3. Google for More Web Reports & Web Sites (We all love to Google, but I used Google's Advanced Search and restricted to Canadian links)

I love to check the BCSTH Library catalogue first because it gives me a sense of what's being published, and then I can Google for more if needed. By Googling for Canadian links, 

….4. Journal Article Research via Google Scholar (Free) & My Local Academic Library with a Program in Women's Studies (Not Free Stuff)

Next, I searched Google Scholar. This is a handy free database that only searches journal literature. Not all of the articles it retrieves can be freely found on the Web (some require purchase or a trip to your local university) but it will give you a sense of what is being published in the journal literature.

Read the whole entry.

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katherine van Wormer
katherine van Wormer says:
Feb 28, 2013 06:09 PM

I addressed the issue in Restorative Justice as Social Justice for Victims: A Standpoint Feminist
Perspective. Social Work, 54 (2), 2009, 107-117.
Also in our edited book, Restorative Justice Today (SAGE) co-authored with Lorenn Walker.

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