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Restorative approaches can make a difference in the relationship between local government bodies and the communities they serve

Aug 12, 2011

from the article by Carey Cake and Kirsten Cooper in British Politics and Policy and LSE:

....Since November 2007 over 9,000 people have been through the RJ process. Of those:

  • 89% of participants were satisfied with the outcome
  • 87% of participants feel RJ is effective in dealing with crime and ASB
  • 93% of participants would recommend RJ
  • 93% of participants are satisfied with their treatment
  • 83% of participants are confident in the police and partners ability to deal with crime and ASB having been exposed to RJ

....Norfolk Probation Service has been a member of the Restorative Approaches Strategic Board for over a year and has recently been awarded funding from the Regional Office in order to explore the use of restorative justice with offenders post-sentence. The project is in the conception stages although it is likely that the Integrated Offender Management team will be the first team to be trained. Norfolk County Council and Youth Offending Team are providing guidance and support for the development of this pilot.

Having seen and evidenced positive results following the use of restorative approaches across a number of arenas, Norfolk will continue to push forward it’s development and implementation to achieve our ambition to be a restorative County by 2015. To achieve this our strategic aims are to provide every child and young person in Norfolk the opportunity to access restorative approaches by April 2015 as a means of resolving conflict and repairing harm. Also to embed restorative practices within organisations and businesses and develop restorative communities across Norfolk more generally.

Read the whole article.

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lisa rea
lisa rea says:
Aug 12, 2011 06:51 PM

Thank you for posting this. There seems to be an opportunity now to apply this knowledge to the aftermath of the riots in London. I know many in the restorative justice movement are thinking just that. <br /> <br />Those who have been victimized by the violence must be restored as much as possible. The offenders need to be held accountable. But how? Restorative justice can help shape how authorities respond to the violence and the injuries so many have sustained. But they need guidance. <br /> <br />I will be re-posting this at the group I founded and now moderate at which is called Restorative Justice International. Thank you, Dan, and all those at PFI. <br /> <br />Lisa Rea

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