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Rena captain to residents: 'Sorry'

May 17, 2012

from the article by Kiri Gillespie in the Bay of Plenty Times:

Rena's captain and navigational officer have visited Motiti Island to apologise to residents for grounding the cargo ship on Astrolabe Reef.

When Rena grounded on October 5 last year, Motiti Island was transformed from a pristine green paradise to an oil-soaked mess. Residents were shocked, saddened and angry.

But last Thursday, a meeting for forgiveness was held at one of the island's marae after a request from a local kaumatua.

....Iwi liaison for Motiti Island Rangi Butler said the Motiti meeting was "wonderful" and broke down barriers.

"Everyone over there forgave them and it was a good thing because now we can move on and they can move on," she said.

"There were three who did not want to forgive so ... that's their choice."

Ms Butler said the Filipino men were accompanied by their lawyers but spoke using good English.

"We are indigenous to Aotearoa and they are indigenous to their country and at the end of the day it's about the people. It's not about political issues, that will come later no doubt. It was good restorative justice."

Read the whole article.

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John Teeling
John Teeling says:
Jun 11, 2012 10:18 AM

&nbsp;This is a great story about Restorative Justice. I don't like the old adage of, &quot;It's no use crying over spilt milk.&quot; because it denies grief, the emotion that affirms what we value after loss. The milk adage is probably stated by the spiller of the milk. It is true that we can't grieve forever over a loss but that decision is up to the one who is grieving. <br /> <br />Now the grief over the damage and loss by Rena over the spilt oil is terrible. The captain of Rena did not remove the grief but it certainly helps the grieving process. There is great use in saying sorry to people who cry over spilt oil, or milk for that matter.

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