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Practitioner Register launched in UK

Sep 26, 2011

by Lizzie Nelson

The Restorative Justice Council (RJC) has launched a new Practitioner Register. This has been a long time in coming – the RJC worked since 2004 on Best Practice Guidance, which finally in 2010 formed the basis for National Occupational Standards (National Occupational Standards exist across all sectors in the UK, so are a benchmark of skills and knowledge). 

Based on this we have now been able to develop Practitioner Registration. Pracititioners will be able to register with the RJC either by taking an award based on the National Occupational Standards (an award that assesses both their knowledge and their skills on the job) or by providing a portfolio of evidence to us that their practice meets the National Occupational Standards. 

Practitioners are welcome to join us from any field, including education, workplace, criminal justice, or anywhere where restorative practice/processes are being offered. It is accessible both to volunteer and paid staff. 

The register requires evidence of continuing professional development to maintain the registration. There is also an Associate category of membership available for practitioners who are new to the work.

We believe the register provides:

  • A national quality assurance framework for restorative practice, across agencies and sectors
  • Professional recognition for practitioners
  • Assurance for employers that their staff are working to national standards
  • And most importantly, visible quality assurance for the public – particularly victims or other individuals considering taking part in a restorative process, that the process they are being offered will be safe.

As we believe that the register is the first of its kind internationally, readers from outside the UK should feel free to contact the RJC for more information.

Lizzie Nelson is Director of the Restorative Justice Council.

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