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Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission adopts a restorative justice approach to human rights disputes

Jan 26, 2012

from the article by Michael Darcy for Canadian Civil Libertise Association Rights Watch:

The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission has changed its procedure for resolving human rights disputes. As of January 1, 2012, the NS HRC has adopted a restorative justice approach that emphasizes the need to reconcile the relationship between complainants and respondents,while reducing the time it takes to resolve a dispute (which the commission notes could have taken up to two years before the recent amendments).

A hallmark of the NS HRC’s new procedure is that most disputes will now be dealt with through”Resolution Conferences”. In an overview of the new changes, the Commission summarizes four main features of these conferences:

  1. The conferences will bring parties together when a complaint is made including, at times, other members of the community;
  2. All participants will share their perspectives on the dispute;
  3. Generally, participants will be helped to create their own solution to the complaint; and
  4. If an agreement cannot be reach from the conference, information gained therein will be used to make a recommendation to the Commissioner, who can dismiss the complaint or send it to the Board of Inquiry.

Read the whole article.

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