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How the 2012 GOP platform tackles criminal justice

Sep 28, 2012

from Vikrant P. Reddy's entry on Right on Crime:

This week, during its quadrennial national convention, the Republican Party released its 2012 platform. The platform is yet another indicator of how conservative leaders are reapplying basic conservative principles to criminal justice. For example, the new platform contains language explicitly emphasizing the importance of prisoner reentry, a notable change from the 2008 platform which contained none. The new platform urges that “[p]risons should do more than punish; they should attempt to rehabilitate and institute proven prisoner reentry systems to reduce recidivism and future victimization.”

Similarly, the new platform contains language emphasizing the importance of restorative justice, yet another element that did not appear in the 2008 platform:

“Government at all levels should work with faith-based institutions that have proven track records in diverting young and first time, non-violent offenders from criminal careers, for which we salute them. Their emphasis on restorative justice, to make the victim whole and put the offender on the right path, can give law enforcement the flexibility it needs in dealing with different levels of criminal behavior. We endorse State and local initiatives that are trying new approaches to curbing drug abuse and diverting first-time offenders to rehabilitation.”

Read the whole entry.

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Susan Swope
Susan Swope says:
Sep 28, 2012 07:46 PM

It's great they recognize the need for restorative practices. In that same section, however, they endorse continued use of long, mandatory sentences, against parole for certain crimes, and continued use of the death penalty. Those all make the GOP platform a non-starter for restorative practices and a non-starter for me.

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