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Evidence, outcomes & performance: 10 years of restorative justice.

Jan 27, 2014

from the report by Kris Miner:

This report provides an overview and summary of the past 10 years of work by St. CroixValley Restorative Justice Program (SCVRJP). SCVRJP was founded in 2000, and first provided services in 2003. In 2006 the Restorative Justice Center opened in River Falls,WI. Since that time, programs have expanded and SCVRJP has developed an expertise in Restorative Justice Peacemaking Circle Process.

...Performance of SCVRJP is related to achieving specific mission-critical goals. Themission of SCVRJP is to build and sustain a culture of Peace & Belonging utilizing Restorative Justice principles within our community.

SCVRJP creates a specific “counter-measure” for each service and program. A countermeasure is the specific behavioral change to avoid harm. The board of directors isinvolved in all program and service development. This includes identifying a specificneed for each service and creating a logic model that would lead to the change in our community.

SCVRJP identifies outcomes and designs evaluation forms to reach those outcomes. We measure the degree that people identify the risk they took, the intention to change, and the specific behavior they will do different in the future (counter-measure).

Some of our 2012 evaluation form feedback:

98 % of Victim Impact Panel Participants realized the impact of drinking & driving.

98% of participants in the Teen Driving Circles identified the program had an impact.

98% of the Underage Consumption Panel participants report being motivated to make low-risk alcohol choices.

100% of the Controlled Substance Intervention participants report being motivated to make low risk choices.

99% of Victim Empathy Seminar participants report the Circle was helpful to others.

...SCVRJP schedules sessions within 60 days of receiving a referral. Cases referred for a Victim-Offender or Community Conference may take longer. Individualized services require pre-session appointments to meet with parties individually for screening and preparation.

SCVRJP works diligently to provide services and see that all referrals receive Restorative Justice services. We offer payment plans and then track and encourage fulfillment of that payment plan. SCVRJP also provides community service as an option. In the warm months, we provide community clean-up teams and on a limited basis we offer office support and session volunteering as a means to compensate SCVRJP for your session. Of the 758 referrals in 2013 only 9 cases were closed due to individuals not fulfilling payment arrangements.

Download the full report.

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