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Approach with caution not cynicism: Rape and restorative justice

Oct 20, 2010

From the post by Nikki Godden on Inherently Human: 

Typically, feminists are resistant to the idea of responding to rape  – or sexual violence more generally – through restorative justice. After decades of campaigning to get the harms women suffer recognised in politics and law, their concerns that such a move will trivialise rape and provide only ‘cheap justice’ are fair. So too are the criticisms that restorative justice cannot address or appropriately account for the gendered power imbalances between the victim and offender, and that, as a result, it may cause further harm to the victim and fail to protect her and others from future violence. While this means I’m wary of restorative justice as a response to rape, I do think there is value in exploring this idea. Likewise, in a 2010 report Jennifer Brown et al. mention restorative justice as an ‘expanded justice alternative’ that could be considered – although they are similarly careful to set the sceptical feminist scene.

...One of the most significant advantages of restorative justice– which is often emphasised – is its capacity to give victims a voice: it allows them to tell their story and explain the ways in which the crime has hurt them and affected their and others’ lives. Feminists have long encouraged the telling and hearing of women’s stories (in law) as a means to express alternative viewpoints and to disrupt the monotony of the dominant discourse. But the framework within which they are told and heard limits the expression and understandings of these stories, and so the structures they are told within must be challenged and rearranged. For instance, the criminal justice system restricts the victim’s explanation of events at trial by the nature of the questions she is asked, and in rape laws the categories and language cannot capture the hurt, pain, shame and objectification of sexual assault that survivors have expressed in empirical research. Restorative justice does not have the same restrictions.

...Seen in this way, it is important to emphasise that restorative justice provides a different space – rather than just more space – in which victims can tell their stories of rape. Of course, it is possible, as critics have argued, that restorative conferences, and other forums in which the rape victim-survivor is face-to-face with the offender, might replicate and reinforce the gendered power dynamics, with the offender restricting what the victim-survivor feels she can say. Even so, by placing the crime of rape within a different framework and paradigm it provides a different perspective from which to interrogate the harm of rape, and from here to inform and improve the legal response. Having seemed to have reached an impasse in the criminal law, restorative justice could provide a means by which to explore more radical options and provoke ideas for future direction.

Read the full article.

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lisa rea
lisa rea says:
Oct 22, 2010 11:59 PM

Thank you for posting this. I think this is very important. I think there was a time when some rape victims, and those who counsel them, stayed away from restorative justice. However, that his changing. Largely, I believe this is due to victims of violent crime who have experienced some sort of healing after participating in a restorative justice dialogue. Those victim (survivors) then have told their stories. Like this writer I think rape victims &quot;find their voices&quot; through restorative justice. But also RJ empowers them. That is so important. <br /> <br />Lisa Rea <br />Founder, The Justice and Reconciliation Project <br />Rea Consulting <br />California

LLLookAtYouHacker says:
Sep 06, 2012 03:40 PM

One personally perceived flaw with mandatory restorative justice is that not all offenders (especially rapists pertaining to the power/anger based motivations of rape) would be willing to display sentimentality towards the victim. This would exponentially cause even more damage.

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