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ACPO publish Restorative Justice Guidance and Minimum Standards

Mar 04, 2013

from the Restorative Justice Council:

The Association of Chief Police Officers has published Restorative Justice Guidance and Minimum Standards. Police forces local procedures should complement these ACPO standards and refer to RJC Best Practice Guidance for Restorative Practice (2011) for more detailed guidance.

The ACPO guidance sets four essential minimum standards which must be met for a disposal to be considered restorative:

  • The offender must take responsibility
  • Involvement of the victim, community or other affected party
  • A structured process that establishes what has occured and what the impact has been
  • An outcome that seeks to put right the harm that has been caused or an outcome that makes other reparation that may not be directly related to the original case.
  • The guidance clarifies that ‘community resolutions’ should be considered restorative justice only where they meet all four minimum standards.

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